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During his master in product design at the royal college of art (london) that Erik de Laurens invented SCALITE®. Concerned by factory shutdowns, and the loss industrial know-how they meant, as well as the increasing pollution of the environment, he felt the urge to propose new production systems. A new paradigm where non-deleterious materials would be locally and sustainably produced.

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Inspired by the agribusiness, he identified fish scales as a promising raw material. They are a waste of the fishing industry, available in large quantities and little valued. 
After months of research, Erik invented a stone-like material entirely made 100% from fish scales. He named it SCALITE®, with a nod to early plastics such as bakelite, ebonite or even galalith. The first prototypes are made: goggles, beakers, a table to demonstrate and communicate.

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In 2017, Erik presented the project to his cousin Edouard de Dreuzy.
In 2018, the two cousins founded SCALE, an ocean friendly brand, to develop and produce “ocean friendly” materials. Scale is their active commitment to reducing the environmental impact of materials, particularly in the oceans.

In 2019, Jules Colin, in turn, joined as a process engineer. SCALITE® is now produced in Anglet, pays basque, in the south west corner of france.

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