SCALE is a French company located in the basque region along the Atlantic coast. It is a dynamic region with a deeply rooted fishing history. Fishermen focus today their attention on sardines and tuna.

French port in the basque region

The Basque country is also the last area in France where salmon fishing is authorised. The stocks are sustainably managed, quotas of wild salmon are established so they are still able to swim up the river to their spawning grounds. These wild salmons help maintain a local industry of salmon smoking, where we source the scales for our material: SCALITE®.

Between the mountains and the ocean, the pays basque area is flourishing and highly attractive. It is dedicated to sustainable innovation and the region is taking a strong step toward marine conservation through marine bio-mimetics.

SCALE has received formidable support from the region Nouvelle Aquitaine, the Basque country urban area, and BPI (Public Bank of Investment).

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