July 6, 2022

Our commitment toward a more eco-friendly materials ecosystem


SCALITE® is a material made exclusively from fish scales, an abundant and renewable by-product of the fishing industry and aquaculture. Every year in France, 40 billion tons of waste are generated by the construction sector. The toxicity of its constituents is a threat to both the environment and human health.

SCALE wishes to bring value to an overlooked resource through the production of ocean friendly materials. SCALITE®, our first solution is made from 100% fish scales,a by-product of the fishing industry.

The natural biopolymer of the scales is used as a matrix for the material. SCALITE® is fully recyclable and VOC free, it can be coloured all the way through in various shades. It is also fire rated (M1) and complies with the fire regulation for public interior spaces.

This stone-like material is supplied as panels and is suited to interior design projects, furniture, and accessories.

Applications : Wall coverings, furniture, displays, home accessories.

Transformation : Can be machined with conventional timber tools: CNC machine, circular saw, router, sanding equipment etc.

Bonding : SCALITE® can be bonded directly onto gypsum boards or plywood with PU or PVA glue. Edge to edge joints, butt joints and mitered joints are feasible.

Protection : A PU varnish should be applied to protect SCALITE® from humidity.

Size : Tiles 300*300 mm & 600*600 mm. Depth: from 10 to 40 mm. Density: 1,4

Circularity : Our own production waste is collected for recycling.
The material at the end of life can be collected and recycled.